Bike Boxes

Solitary Confinement for Bicycles?

This Week: Bike Boxes

I honestly have never seen inside one of these boxes, but have seen them in several different places around Germany in my travels. They are usually in outlying areas near suburban train stations. This one is exactly like that at one of the small train stations in Freiburg. I can only assume you put your bike inside of it to keep it safe and from having the wheels stolen. What an idea.  I saw bigger groupings of the boxes in a smallish station in Essen too.


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    • I’ve only seen them in one spot in Freiburg. Normally it is vast rows of bikes locked to whatever metal avails itself. The area near the trainstation is vast like that. I will need to remember when it gets warm to go over and read the instructions on these boxes. I am curious now like I wasn’t then.

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