Indie Travel Challenge – Week 1 : Planning

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Over at Boots’n’All they are running a year of Indie Travel Prompts. One of my year’s resolutions is to write more and practice more at it. This includes blogging as well as the book that I have been chipping away at for nearly a year. This seems like a decent enough challenge, so here goes.Β  The first week is about travel planning, so here is my entry.

I’m a few weeks behind due to travel (which I’m sure I’ll be excused for as travel is the thing), so the first few entries will come pretty quickly, then once a week.

The Prompt:

“So we’re issuing a challenge: share with us your indie travel list – part resolutions, part bucket list, the list should help you focus your travel plans so you can take concrete steps to achieve your travel goals this year (and beyond). Put together your list of experiences you want to have this year.”

Here is their great list of Travel Resolutions. And here is my list of resolutions and experiences.

1 ) Fly enough to not be frightened of it any more.

From 2001 until 2010 I did not fly at all. I have been on the transatlantic crossing three times by ship. In 2010 I resolved to overcome that fear and in September flew to Greece and took the train home. Since then, with the help of my wife, I have started flying again. It still freaks me out and I don’t like it, but I am doing it. In 2012 already, I completed a 22 hour combined pair of flights back from New Zealand. I still don’t like flying and will probably still take drugs to do it for a while, but my resolution is to get to being ok with it.

2 ) More Weekend Trips

I’ve lived in Freiburg for 4 years and did more weekend trips in the few Summer months with Ali there than for a long time before. We went to Paris and to Liechtenstein. These were both a blast. Between all of the destinations reachable by train around Freiburg and being willing to fly again, we should make it to a lot of great places.

My friend Justin runs 48 hour adventures just on that theme. His posts are pretty inspiring to see so much without using precious vacation time from work.

4 ) Explore Home

Despite all of the time I have spent in Freiburg, I still only go a few places in town. There needs to be more exploring of the town, with definite emphasis on new restaurants.

5 ) Just Go!

Related to 2, Ali has this wonderful idea of planning a weekend and just going to the train station and seeing what is on the board. Then we buy a ticket and spend the weekend there. This is so different than our normal planning routine.

6 ) Slower!

Fewer moves while traveling. We are learning that moving faster than every 3-4 days on a trip is very draining. So other than the weekend getaways, the longer trips will be in fewer different places. This knowing, if we like a place, we can go back. This is especially true for places in Europe.

5 ) Turkey

Ali and I met on Twitter and got married last year. Our honeymoon has yet to occur despite all of our travel. We decided that Turkey will be it, so off we will go.

  • Istanbul
  • Cappadocia (including Balloons, see 1# for challenge for me)
  • Ephesus
  • Pammukale

7 ) Matterhorn

I was hanging out with a friend last night talking about the Matterhorn and Zermatt. This has been on our list to see for a while. He has a car and offered to be driver on a trip down there. This is great as the train takes a while.

Greek Shoreline

8 ) Flight weekend: Malta?

This combines 1 and 2 for me. I would like to do a weekend away and use the plane from Basel to do it. There are places in town that do last minute flights to islands like Malta. I would love to do that at least once this year. I keep seeing pictures of the island and it looks great.


This is perhaps a modest list, but it is something that I feel is accomplishable and yet pushes the boundaries and restrictions that we have. I look forward to traveling this year with my best friend and wife, Ali.

8 thoughts on “Indie Travel Challenge – Week 1 : Planning

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  3. You could be writing my story here.

    I also had the issue with planes. Actually, I’ll have a post coming out soon on it. Ridiculous really – but I became the over medicated guy who would rather drive 50 hours than hop on a plane. I get it – glad you got over it.

    Amazing you met on twitter. That is amazing.

    And Malta I hear is one of the best places. People have often suggest we move there. I hear the people and culture are great.

    Nice ideas for a new year!

    • Hi Justin, I’m glad this resonated with you. It is nice to know that others have similar fears. At this point I only medicate for the flights, not all the time. And I will probably try a few short flights without meds with Ali at some point. (maybe just a beer.) Do send me your URL when you get that post done.

      Yeah, it still boggles us that we met on Twitter, but we did and it has worked out great. Ali has seen Malta briefly, but short enough she is willing to go back to see more.

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