Traveling to Asia – Indie Travel Challenge

I’m keeping up (almost) with the BootsNAll Indie Travel Challenge. This week’s prompt is about travel in Asia.

If you’ve traveled in Asia, what’s your favorite destination? Share a story of one of your best experiences in Asia, or tell us about a place you love.

My first and so far only experience in Asia was Hong Kong. It wasn’t even a full day, more of a really long layover from morning to evening on my way to New Zealand.  I spent roughly 8 hours in the city itself.  But even at hyper speed, I enjoyed my time. More about my day is here and there will be more detailed posts coming.

I got to eat Dim Sum with some really great travel friends from Twitter.

Got to ride a restored Chinese Junk in the harbor.

Rode the longest outdoor escalators.

I even had Starbucks on my second “trip” to Asia, which amounted to 5 hours in the dead of night in the Hong Kong Airport on the way back.

All of my answers for the challenge can be found under the category Challenges.

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