Islands in the Sea and Sky – Indie Travel Challenge

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This Week’s prompt for the Boots’N’All Indie Travel Chellenge revolves around islands as travel destinations. I quite like islands. Actually I really like boats, but islands and boats seem to hang out together. In the past few years, I have island hopped in Greece and Croatia on cruises and spent a day on Hong Kong Island on the way to New Zealand, also islands.

Why Islands for Travel?

Isolation? – Sometimes.
Diversity? – Definitely.
Confinement? – Huh?

Diversity of New Zealand in Fiordland park

Islands are by nature isolated. If they were not isolated, they would be peninsulas or, umm, hills. Not to say that they are always out in the middle of nowhere.

Islands are diverse. Even a small one often has beaches, cliffs, forests and mountains. New Zealand is a great example of the diversity of islands. They are so diverse as to become the site of filming for fantasy epics.

Confinement, seriously. I like to wander. I like to see what is around. And yet on an island you can explore the entire thing without necessarily being so far from your hotel. All of the things to see on the island are by definition ON the island. Unless you start doing daytrips with ferries, islands offer the ability to really see every inch of a place if you are so inclined.

Islands in the Sea

The standard island is one that is surrounded by water. Greece is definitely the most island’y of trips I have done recently. I did a week island hopping on a sailboat. As I mentioned above, I really like boats and they usually come with islands nearby.

Hong Kong is an island, but it hardly feels like it amidst the city. New Zealand is so big that the confinement aspect of islands that I enjoy is lost somewhat. Though in the way that kiwi culture has developed into its own feeling, that spirit of isolation makes up for it.

Check out Ali’s look at the Gili Islands in Indonesia too. Quite isolated and confined to relax on the beach.

Islands in the Sky

Also in Greece, land of watery islands, I found some islands in the sky. Meteora was the highlight of the mainland half of my Greece trip. The town of Kalampaka is 4 hours from Athens on the bus. Above it looms spikes of rocks with monasteries on top. When it gets foggy around the spires, they might as well be in the ocean.

Definitely isolated. By nature of being islands of rock above the sky counts as diverse to me. Confinement is there too. Without leaving your spire, you are confined to a small area. So definitely islands to me.


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  1. I have to admit that I am not a big fan of islands. Never been much of a beach person so that is probably why. However, I love the one of New Zealand as it seems more outdoorsy than beach-y! 🙂

    • Parts of New Zealand definitely are beachy. The outdoorsy areas are certainly bigger. NZ is certainly a bigger island able to offer more to see unlike the smaller Greek ones.

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