My Goofy 7 Super Shots

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I’m a little late in the chain, but I am taking part in HostelBookers 7 Super Shots game. As I am behind some great shots and lists out there, I want to do something different. I am often told, that I am a bit of a goofball. I love to laugh and joke. So I am going to do all seven pictures as “things that make me laugh” in some way, and yet still keep to the categories.

A photo that…takes my breath away

Because smoking takes my breath away

On my way to New Zealand, I did a full day layover in Hong Kong. This machine was in the ferry terminal and seemed to sell cigarettes yet actively advocate reducing smoking with “Less is cool” across the top. Although I don’t smoke, I really don’t feel like breathing around those that do.

 A photo that…makes me laugh or smile

Can't resist a smiling face in Edinburgh

I have no clue what I was grinning at. I remember it was really freaking cold up there at the Edinburgh castle. We had decided not to do the castle tour and find a cafe instead. I still wanted a picture of myself, so I turned the camera on myself and grinned. It still makes me smile looking at it.

A photo that…makes me dream

Dream, 'cause where else do you see flying Rhinos

One of my first day’s in Germany I was walking around Dortmund and found this guy. I had seen cities that commissioned statues of animals to be painted by local artists and sponsored by local businesses. Dortmund apparently picked the flying rhino. It is a rare breed, only seen in the sleepy eyes of a dreamer. For when rhinos can fly, they are safe from poachers and pigs are soon to follow.

A photo that…makes me think

This is not the church you are looking for, move along.

Kalampaka, Greece was my favorite part of the mainland half of my Greek vacation. This town huddles under the rock spires of Meteora. Though many tourist likely just speed through on their tour bus, the town had some neat sites. Like a Byzantine era church that was halfway up the hill. No not that church, our church is on another hill. I think this must have been a long term problem for the sign to be so rusty.

A photo that…makes my mouth water

Definitely not a knock off.

Mmmm donuts. We found this in a mall in Valencia, Spain. Ali, Val, Jaime and I were taking refuge from the rain in a mall across from the museum island and looking for paella for lunch. This wonderfully named place swam into view. No, we didn’t eat there, but it looks so much like Dunkin Donots from the US. Mmmm maple glazed goodness, mouth watering.

A photo that…tells a story

Playing sax games in public.

Once upon a time, before I become a blogger, I journeyed to Ferrara, Italy to visit some friends on my way to vacation in Croatia. It just happened that the busker festival was in town at the same time. So I watched buskers in the evenings. These two guys played sax and danced ahd a whole routine of skits. They were also under the window of my hotel. So I watched the whole skit in different pieces, where the one guy distracts the other to pantomime taking the guitar case of money away.

A photo that…I am most proud of (aka my worthy of National Geographic shot)

The color is excellent and everything fits in the frame.. sort of.

Seriously, this is one of my favorite pictures from Santorini. The color is perfect with the various blues of the ocean, the mountains and the characteristic blue dome. There is enough of each feature for it to be clear where it is. And yet the wide expanse of sky and water show the great open field. Add the near miss on my self portrait, squinty eyed of course, and the wonky angle and it just turns so cool.

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19 thoughts on “My Goofy 7 Super Shots

  1. Wow, some how I’m just seeing this now – sorry! Have totally been in a grad school haze until this month. Thanks for the tag and I will get on my 7 super shots…only like 3 months late 😉

    • I remember Grad School Haze. No worries whatsoever. Tweet at me when you get yours up, I’m curious.

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  3. Very nice and interesting shots indeed! 🙂 I love the most is the last one.. So freak’in awesome!

  4. Hi Andy! I just got your page by reading the Kiwi article, your webpage is just great!!! I will enjoy it reading it a while. Really nice description and nice pics! Congratulations, I´ll keep reading! 🙂 Greetings (Actually we are bit neighbors, I live in Poland) 😉

    • Thanks for the compliments. I wish I had gotten real pictures of kiwis, but I understand and respect their peace and darkness. We’ve not been to Poland yet, but it is definitely on the list.

    • Thanks. I like being goofy.
      With the Duffin Dagels place, I wonder if it is some odd copyright suit. We were there for lunch, so I didn’t get a chance to try one.

  5. This was funny 🙂 Less is cool as a slogan on a machine that sells cigarettes? Nice touch! Thanks for the nomination. I think Leigh nominated me already, but now I really have to start going through my pictures and get it together!

    The painted rhino is cute. They have painted cows in San Antonio all over the place and I think it’s a funny way of portraying art.

    • Yes, I loved that slogan as well as the guy’s face. The machine had a TV running some sort of anti-smoking encouragement videos.

      I like the way cities pick their own animal and spread it about. Gives a neat impression of the place.

  6. I love the photo of the rhinos!! So nice!! When I was in St. Petersburh 4 year ago there was a similar “exhibition”. Painted lions were located in different areas of the city! So cute!!

  7. I love the photo of the guys playing the instrument. You may can be crazy or out of my mind but the guys remind me of Balki and Larry from the TV show Perfect Strangers. I don’t know why but that is what came to mind when I saw them.

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