Blogger Stammtisch

Welcome to the  German-expat bloggers Stammtisch group. The framework is here, but can shift over time as the group decides.

  • Host – The host picks a topic.  Hosting duties rotate monthly among the members.
  • Members – A group of bloggers that write articles based on the host’s monthly chosen theme
  • Theme – The monthly theme should be something that is general enough that all of the members can write about from their part of Germany.
  • Timing – Rounds are monthly with one topic per month usually posted on the 15th of the month.

The aim is to continue to build support among the expat bloggers related to Germany. To publicize the blogs and enjoy the insights of our fellow expats here.

December ThemeLocals   Hosted by Grounded Traveler.

January ThemeLanguage Hosted by Monkey, Mountains and Maultaschen.

February ThemeMisconceptions and Myths Hosted by Country Skipper.

March ThemeFood Hosted by No Ordinary Homestead

April ThemeDrinks Hosted by Frau Dietz

May ThemeParks Hosted by Travels of Adam

June ThemeFootball Hosted by Grounded Traveler

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