Locals – December Theme

As expats we live among the “locals”, those native to the places that we choose to call home. This seems to be one of the expat’s defining features.

So this month’s theme of the Blogger Stammtisch is interacting with locals. This can be from tips to stories. Interpret as you see fit.


13 thoughts on “Locals – December Theme

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  3. Hi everyone,

    Ok, here is the code for the linky (hopefully it shows up correctly here) :

    I’ve added my post in there already — and each person participating can link to their own post by adding it on the linky on my page or via your own blog once you have the linky live.

    There will be a new linky each month.

    If you are using WordPress, it likes to remove scripts so what you need to do is finish your post, switch to HTML view, copy this code in there and publish. If you go back and make any other changes in the WYSIWIG view, you’ll need to enter the code again.

    If anyone has questions or trouble entering things, let me know. Once all of our posts are in there, I’ll close the linky. :)

    • I sent the code out in email to everyone. Hopefully you all got it. If not, let me know Twitter, Contact form, email.. the usually contact ways.

      Thanks Tiffany.

  4. Is there going to be some sort of badge, link list, linky or something that we are supposed to include in our posts? I’m posting mine today and can certainly add that in later, but I wasn’t sure how we’re going to best let other people know about the other posts from our blogs. Or is the intention more to share those via FB or twitter?

    • No, go ahead and link up back to this page. My initial thought was that every host would carry the links for their theme. I can certainly make a badge if you want though. This is my first time working inside of a blog carnival/roundtable, so suggestions are welcome.

      I plan on posting my entry last so that I have all of the other links in it. Another option is that each of us keeps up with the links from the others, though probably the highest link potential does mean more work for each. Again suggestions are welcome.

      • Ok. Well I certainly think that we would all get the most link love out of this if everyone was posting a link to all of the other participating blogs. Obviously a bit more labor intensive but probably more worthwhile in the long run.

        One option vs just putting all the link in HTML would be to use something like a linky list (ie http://www.linkytools.com/). The host for that month puts the code at the bottom of the post (it’s a bit wonky in WP but I can explain that to everyone if we wanted to do it this way) and then each person can post their link when it’s live. We could all have the same linky list at the bottom of our posts which would be closed one all the entries are in. We’d of course have to make sure that no one else pops in and puts their own expat links in there though. Linkytools actually costs $2/yr but I have a paid account which I will volunteer if anyone is interested to do it that way. This would let us link to the relevant post with the least amount of copy/paste I think.

        But another option would just be having that primary list which we use linking to homepages instead of specific posts. The same would work as just a bullet list too.

        Just throwing this out there. I’d like for everyone to get as much traffic as they can and new readers as well. :)

        • I like the Linky List thing. I believe Laurel uses it on her Food Friday posts. Can we close/moderate additions to it? Can you add the same link list to multiple blogs or is it that each person puts in their link to the others?

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