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Expat life in Germany and still seeing the world.

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Being an Expat

Stories of the ups and downs of expat life. Life as an expat isn’t always easy, but it is rewarding.

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    13 March, 2014
    Comments: 10
    Overcoming Fear

    Five Ways I Deal with a Fear of Flight

    I have written a number of things over the past few years about being afraid of flying. The blog name of Grounded Traveler echos to that as well. I do now fly when I must. It is not at all my favorite activity, but I do it so I can see things and visit people […]

    5 October, 2013
    Comments: 11
    Culture and Language

    German is an exacting Language

    Ragging on the German language is hip. Though it has been hip for several hundred years (looking at you Mark Twain). It is not lyrical or even friendly in its tone and can come off very harsh almost rude. Many of the linguistic constructs seem to make little to no sense, especially to English speakers. […]

    31 August, 2013
    Comments: 12
    Living Abroad
    Seeing the World

    6 Things that make a place good for slow travelers

    Location plays a big part of travel. “Umm.. yeah of course it does, I am traveling to see other locations, right? Right!?” Yes, of course, but that aspect of location is not what I mean at the moment. One of the things we learned on our Summer of Beyond Vacation was that the specific location […]

    31 May, 2013
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    Overcoming Fear

    Taking it slow versus Seeing things properly

    I heard this idea in the kitchen of our hostel, that you should “see Nice properly.” As in, see the sights of the town and get a feel of the place (I am making my own description, but it seems reasonable, right?) This is actually an admirable goal and sentiment. When there are so many […]

    23 April, 2013
    Comments: 9
    Overcoming Fear

    5 Movies to Get Your Motivation Going

    I like to watch movies. I enjoy how they can get me to think about aspects of life. I am also a visual person, so this medium speaks to me. Even when I read books (which I love as well), I see cinematic style scenes in my head. So movies are often where I turn […]

    26 February, 2013
    Comments: 13
    Living Abroad
    New Here?
    Self Referential

    Weekends are for laundry

    One of my goals of moving to Germany over 5 years ago was to be able to travel. To be in the center of Europe and be able to make daytrips in Germany and spend weekends in Italy and beyond. Yeah, well. Being a traveler is one thing, being a part of working society, even […]

    22 October, 2012
    Comments: 40
    Culture and Language
    Life In Germany

    German Beer Vocabulary

    Germany is the land of beer. It is perhaps best well known for its beer and for festivals celebrating said beer. It doesn’t help you enjoy it though if you can’t order or don’t know what you are ordering. So here is some German beer vocabulary with translations and explanations. Yes, you could just order […]

    9 October, 2012
    Comments: 6
    Culture and Language

    Choosing a Language School

    Language schools are one of the best ways to get a taste of a new culture and country. Learning a language brings so much more than just the words. They can often help with low cost accommodation and visas if you need. Language schools are one of my favorite ways to travel. There are tons […]

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