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Seeing the World

Take your time and enjoy places without being an automatic sightseeing machine.

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    28 September, 2013
    Comments: 22
    Seeing the World
    Self Referential

    Travel like a 12 year old

    “You are a goof,” Ali tells me 100 times on average a day. Ok, maybe I am. I like strange things and sometimes find reality a bit too drab and constraining. So what the heck does this have to do with traveling? I love Calvin and Hobbes comics. There is a wonderful way that Calvin […]

    14 September, 2013
    Comments: -
    Seeing the World

    Minori : the most amazing sleepy resort town

    One of the most common questions about our Beyond Vacation trip was “which place did you like the best?” Minori on the Amalfi coast is my answer. Of everything we did and saw, the week of doing nearly nothing in this small Italian town was the best of the trip. Being there helped us tune […]

    7 September, 2013
    Comments: 4
    Seeing the World

    Positano and Amalfi : Braving the Tourist Hordes

    Tourists change places. When a city becomes a tourist destination, it seems to change. The more tourists that want to come through, the more pronounced that change seems to be. We had been spending most of the week in tiny Minori on the Amalfi Coast, which while touristed was not a major destination. We knew […]

    31 August, 2013
    Comments: 12
    Living Abroad
    Seeing the World

    6 Things that make a place good for slow travelers

    Location plays a big part of travel. “Umm.. yeah of course it does, I am traveling to see other locations, right? Right!?” Yes, of course, but that aspect of location is not what I mean at the moment. One of the things we learned on our Summer of Beyond Vacation was that the specific location […]

    24 August, 2013
    Comments: 8
    Seeing the World

    Apartment Checklist for Slow Travelers

    A part of Beyond Vacation involved traveling slower, which for us has meant staying in a place more than a week at a time. We have found that staying in apartments is the best way to do this. We had some good luck and some bad luck with our apartments this summer. We learned that […]

    17 August, 2013
    Comments: 13
    Seeing the World

    Traveling as a Reader (or Why I Like My Kindle)

    Reading is very important to me. I had just forgotten that in the face of the wonders of travel. I am an explorer and a curious one at that. I like to see what is over that hill or around that next corner. Travel feeds this nature and yet so do books. When I am […]

    10 August, 2013
    Comments: 8
    Tips and Commentary

    Camera Woes and Woahs

    I have too many cameras. Theoretically they all have different purposes, but sometimes it feels like too much. Most days the big weight that I am carrying is technology, not clothing. I would love to not have to carry the big weight, but photography is an important part of travel for me. The skill of […]

    28 July, 2013
    Comments: 14
    Seeing the World

    Dealing with the Touristic Hordes in Iconic Rome

    Cities all have their iconic sites. The postcard sites that make you immediately think of the city. Even in travel familiarity drives people. Rome has a bunch of very iconic sites. These are however the sites that are mobbed with tourist hordes and the touts which feed off the crowds. It makes being a quieter […]

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